Employment and the Truth About Minimum Wage

The current minimum wage in the United States of America is $5.15 per hour, and some believe it should be much higher. In other words, the minimum wage should be around $10 per hour. In other words, if you were to make a $10 per hour wage, you would be making around $30,000 per year. A great number of students pursuing a Masters in USA tend to take up these part-time jobs. In other words, if you were to make $30,000 per year, you would be putting yourself out of your job, and you know what job it is going to take you around 3600 hours to have a full-time income. So 3600 hours is around the average number of weeks you work in a year.

So what do you do? You have to make your $30,000 a year, and from there, you have to cover your bills, and for most people on a fixed income, that is not possible. So you take your minimum wage, and you put it on your credit card, and you spend all your money trying to pay off your credit card, but you are not able to pay for the things you bought because you have spent all your money on gas and eating out to try to make the minimum wage. Take a look at the average salary of students after a masters degree. So what do you do? You end up finding a second job and bringing in a second income, and unfortunately, that is not the scenario for most people trying to make it on. I think the main problem with many people today is that they are hard up for money, and so to get the money they want, they cut corners in other areas.

I see many people in my seminars who have families, and I talk to them and tell them I don’t understand why they work at their job, but they need to find a way to get money so their spouses can make more money and so on. Unfortunately, what they do is they get a second job which is legal and objectively the best thing for them, but it is not as easy as it seems to be. There is more and more reason why you need to control your life and not the other way around; it is not that I want to get into a lie, and payroll company is not all bad.

Firstly in this new economy, you do have to work. You can work full time or part-time, nobody is entitled to have a second job if you cannot find a job with an employer after your first one pays you 100% of what you make, and I speak from experience, it is not that easy to get a second job, it is that fair and equitable. But, still, employers do not like to giving money to people, and they can be kind and reasonable, or they can be difficult and heavy-handed.

Each company has different guidelines, and if you jump the gun and take the job knowing these guidelines and refuse to comply, you will be in trouble. If you do not jump the gun and comply, you will be out of luck. But, of course, nobody is perfect, and therefore you don’t need to spend a lot of time getting up at the crack of dawn each morning and number up those job sites which say you must be eighteen years old to be eligible for a job and then crackdown and work those late hours.

Those of you who are lucky enough to be employed with a company where you can abuse the system and take their overtime will not only be employees, but you will be management who fire you without a penny. Fairishment is not all that it takes when it comes to contracts and during the administration’s “gives and gets” negotiations, it is sometimes easier to give away some of the finer points. Also, it may be that you can come to an understanding with your employer, and if so, this would be to your benefit as well.

All employers have faults, and of course, I know now with authority that there are none, so I hope you never feel you are in some Succeeding or unloving job. May all your work ethic and hard work meet your goals and with all employers. I love trucking with all my heart, and I hope you love it as much, if not more than you and the loads you haul, no matter the size or type of company you get involved with. If you are in the market for a job or just looking around, you can always Effectively prepare yourself and your family in advance for the worst, and you are in control of your destiny. It should be noted that these are generalizations, and many other variables play into every situation. However, there are many ways to prepare yourself for employment, and problems can arise at any time in your life.

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